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Pledge: ₳6,900,000
Variable Fee: 1.30%
Pool Fee: ₳500

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Pledge: ₳6,900,000
Variable Fee: 2.15%
Pool Fee: ₳500

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Enterprise class network connection delivers a fast and stable link to the Cardano Network

Bare-metal nodes

100% Dedicated hardware provides precise control and hardened security

24/7 Support

Our staff are dedicated to maintaining a 98*% uptime and providing 24/7 support to our delegators.

*Cardano Stakepools are a developing technology and regular maintenence is to be expected. Follow us on social media for a heads up!

Why Stake With Us?

Our aim? - HodlAda is comitted to securing the de-centralisation of the cardano network while maximising returns for Ada Hodlers over the next 5 years
  • Multi Layered Security
    Our Stakepools apply multilayered security practices and protocols to ensure pool integrity and availability.
  • Geo Dispersed Relays
    Our relay topology has been tailored to optimise speed and reliability by dispersing nodes around the world.
  • Recycled Fees
    All Fees from our pools are re-pledged, providing compounded rewards for delegators Hodling with us.
  • High Pledge
    Our stakepools HODLA and HODL₳ are the #4 and #5 highest pledged public stakepool. With a high pledge of ₳5.05m we are committed to securing the network and Hodling Ada.

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